I love my hair but…

20140420-000001.jpg I love my hair but I haven’t seen much growth and it’s probably bc I need my ends trimmed but I have trust issues when it comes to my hair! And thanks to stylist that love to do what they want they are well established! I’m thinking about doing a growth challenge.. Castor oil, hair vitamins, water, protective styles, hair growth treatments, monthly protein treatments and weekly deep conditioning ( I already do a lot of this but I need to be more successful). 4 months! Starting in May! Let’s see what I can do!

New Army Rules Ban Protective Styles


New Army Rules Ban Protective Styles

On March 31, the Army released an update to its Army Regulation 670-1, along with an educational PDF to assist leaders in instructing soldiers on acceptable forms of grooming.

The PDF included clarifications for both male and female soldiers. Though the 60-page document is loaded with new information, one piece in particular has received a lot of attention: “Twisting two distinct strands of hair around one another to create a twisted rope-like appearance” — a popular style among black female soldiers — is now forbidden. And, in case there’s any confusion, there’s a collection of images that illustrate exactly what they mean. In response to the ban, Sgt. Jasmine Jacobs started a petition asking the White House to reconsider the changes to AR 670-1, as they “offer little to no options for females with natural hair.” And, she’s got a point, read more from >>Refinery29

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Protein treatment -DIY


OBSESSED! So I was going to flat iron my hair this weekend, I planned to go to Paul Mitchell the school which I was worried about, initially. So I thought it would be a good idea to do a protein treatment. I’m really excited because it was the BEST IDEA EVER!!! But really y’all! My hair is soft, thicker! It didd
everything it was suppose to! To make my homemade Protein Treatment I used: 1 Advacado, 2 Eggs, olive oil, vitamin E oil, mayo and a little Jamaican black protein treatment that includes most products I already listed ( It basically was to thicken my product I guess)
I left it on for about 45 min under a plastic cap! Then shampooed and conditioned with Giovanni smooth as silk ( GOD SEND). This may be irregular as well but before I did any of this I used an ACV ( apple cider vinegar) rinse! 1/4 ACV 1/4 aloe Vera juice 2/4 water! You might say I over prepared lol but I am so nervous about straightening my hair that nerves defeated me and I didn’t go get it flat ironed I just blew it out, and my puff still kind if looked the same is that normal?! GOOD VS. BAD SIDE TO ALL THIS: GOOD SIDE, my hair is thicker, softer and more manageable! BAD SIDE, my ends need to be trimmed badly!!!!!!!! Anywho.. Questions? Comments? How do y’all feel about Paul Mitchell? And what procedure do you use to trim your hair? Do you straighten your hair?


Paul Mitchell the school and natural hair


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SO I HAVENT BEEN! And I keep hearing that I should go but everyone that tells me is relaxed! I need to know how naturals feel about the school, past experiences, good,bad.. I WANT TO KNOW! I’m a broke college kid and this is all I can afford, is it worth it ladies?

Guess who’s back!


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Guilty! I took out my hair 2 weeks early! I missed my puff! I’ve been taking hair skin and nail vitamins and participating in the castor oil challenge, I suppose I have achieved a lot of growth for only two weeks but lets be honest… I want my hair to touch my butt!!! I moisturized my hair with vitamin E oil,Coconut Oil and an Evoo mix! Yet I still feel like my hair was brittle when I took it out! And my edges felt weak still even though I am doing this castor oil challenge, which worries me. Anyways I’m reviewing oyin burnt sugar pomade tomorrow!! Can’t wait for these results


I want to post an evolution of my hair! Just to show my growth. I B/C in July 2012. So I am almost two yr natural, however I did cut it again (myself, a big no no, a trim gone horribly wrong) in 2013, this left me with really uneven hair and I am still working on growing it back and you will be able to see the change through my pictures! ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage(ImageImageImageImageImageSecond Big Chop!ImageBlown out after my chop!

ImageProtective styleImagepost protective style growthImagepost second protective styleImageImageImageImageAnd thats how I got here!